Saturday 3 October 2020

Canoe Tripping During Covid 19

It has been an odd season this year with it starting out in the early spring with everyone wondering when the restrictions would be lifted so that we could go camping at all. And slowly the restrictions did lift first with back country camping being allowed, and then with general camping for everyone. I remember listening to the radio the day that back country camping was allowed, and the announcer was rhyming off all the restrictions that were being lifted that day and when he got to this one he said "back country camping, whatever that is". I actually called in and got through, and gave him a brief explanation that back-country usually involved hiking or canoeing all of your gear into secluded spot where nothing was provided to you other than a rudamentary thunderbox - which for the uninitiated is basically an outhouse without a roof or walls.

Friday 2 October 2020

Cut Resistant Gloves

I just wrote my first draft for a quick little intro to cut resistant gloves.

Check it out here