Classic Series from the National Film Board of Canada

This series was made in the mid 70s but is still one of the best paddling resources today not only for its thoroughness but also because the quality of the video far surpasses most of what you find on youtube.  Bill Mason and his son Paul demonstrate everything you need to know about canoeing.

Other Videos

Youtube Channels

  • Backcountry Angling Ontario - Jonathan Kelly has an excellent channel that he just started in 2017. He logged an inspiring 95 days in the wild in 2017! All documented on his channel.
  • Northern Scavenger - great videography and some amazing fishing. I hit upon these guys when I noticed their youtube video returning Kevin Callan's canoe. That piqued my interest. It turns out they'd borrowed it for a 14 day trip in Wabikimi. I recommend you watch the entire Wabikimi series especially if you want to seem some mammoth fish being caught.
  • Chris Prouse - lots of outdoor adventures from a couple of Ironman Triathetes. Great to see a couple of women doing such high quality videos of outdoorsing.

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